Writing Groups: Find ‘Em and Join ‘Em

I’m aware that a lot of writers are introverts. I am one of those introverts. It doesn’t mean we don’t like people (well…), it just means that it saps our energy a bit faster. Our alone time is precious to us and helps us refuel. We spend time alone writing, reading, and improving our craft.

However, as an introvert to fellow possible introverts (or anyone), I am encouraging you to go out there and spend time with other people. Not just any people, but writing people! Nine months ago, I joined a local writing group via Meetup. I was so nervous to go. I don’t love meeting new people. What if it was bad? What if I wasn’t good enough? I swiped those worries aside, signed up for the group, and showed up.

Spoiler alert: it ended up being fantastic. I don’t have many writer friends, and few local to me, so this was a rich find. The group was diverse in writing style, genre, people, and more. We met every Sunday, get a tea or coffee, and write for spurts of 45 minutes (3-4 rounds). In between, we would talk about what we were working on, ask questions, and generally feel supported.

It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my writing “career.” I felt supported, invigorated, and generally got a lot done. I’ve made connections that I will keep even as I leave California. There was a spin-off group from said writing group that focused on revisions which–at my point in my novel writing–has been incredibly fruitful.

tldr? Here are the reasons you should join a writing group:

  • Meet like minds and make connections
  • Feel supported and inspired
  • Be productive and be held accountable for doing something
  • Kindred spirits!
  • Carved out time to solely work on your WIP
  • Growth as a writer and a person

How can you find a writing group? I found mine on www.meetup.com–there were actually several on the website to choose from. It all depends on your area. You could also check out local coffee shops, newspapers, and Craiglists for said groups. You could even create one!

So, be brave, put some real clothes on and venture out into the world to find your writing family. I promise you won’t regret it.


4 thoughts on “Writing Groups: Find ‘Em and Join ‘Em

  1. I can’t just write it once. For me it’s an evolution of words and worlds colliding.
    I need it to congel like blood. I need it to evolve into something even I cannot turn away from and acknowledge it’s potential.


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