About Alana

Alana is an aspiring author currently residing in Los Angeles, California (Hollywood) with her husband, Chris, two cats, Nymeria and Sajah, a dog, Noke, and a snake, Dovah. She loves to read, write, cook, exercise, get outdoors, and play video games. Her favorite things to read and write are fantasy and sci-fi, but she enjoys most all genres.

She has been published in Manhattan Magazine, a literary magazine run by Manhattan College, for her poetry and hopes to find that publishing road once more outside of college.

She is currently editing her fifth draft of a beloved novel she has been curating for around six years. It’s terrifying. She appreciates all the love and support from friends and family–she couldn’t do it without them!

Besides prioritizing writing, Alana has a full-time job, working remotely from her home office. She also wishes she was a Jedi or Wonder Woman in real life.


The Art of Fiction by John Gardner [physical -to improve writing craft]

 Sea of Rust by C. Robert Cargill [audiobook]

CURRENT TV SHOW(S): Food Network

CURRENT VIDEO GAME: Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Star Wars: Battlefront II






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